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Statistics for Restless Legs:
Started - 04/08/2010 ~~ Finished - 10/21/2010
Shortest Day - 2.9 miles on 9/2/2010
Longest Day - 23.8 miles on 5/12/2010
Zero Days - 46 - (3 at Trail Days, 19 due to legs, 10 visiting family, 9 planning flip-flop)
States - 14 GA,NC,TN,VA, WV, ME,NH, VT, MA,CT, NY, NJ, PA, MD

Restless Legs - October 21, 2010

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(email) - He didn't get many chances to check his email.
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Start/Finish locations estimated based on SPOT "OK" Messages.

Date DOW Start Finish Miles Total Notes
160 Oct 21 Thu Ed Garvey Shelter Harpers Ferry, WV 7.0 2179.1 His wife Sandy walked north from Harpers Ferry and met him at 10:00 on the Chesapeake and Ohio Canal Trail.  They walked back together to the AT Headquarters in Harpers Ferry.  I received confirmation that he finished at 11:01am. Lots of celebrating going on with balloons, a crown
and refreshments!  Completed his thru-hiker paperwork at the ATC. Congratulations! 100% Done.
159 Oct 20 Wed Pine Knob Shelter Ed Garvey Shelter 16.6 2172.1 Left Pine Knob Shelter a little after 8:00 and passed by the
original Washington Monument, the Dahlgren Back Pack Campground and Gathland State Park.  He ran into a grade school group at the Washington Monument and stopped to tell them about his hike.  The trail today was smooth and rock free, except for a couple of hours up and then down Lambs Knoll.  Passed the Crampton Gap Shelter Trail and arrived at the Ed Garvey Shelter at 3:19.
158 Oct 19 Tue Pen-Mar Park Pine Knob Shelter 17.8 2155.5 Started at Pen-Mar Park, MD at 9:49am and is hiking south.
Checked out the Devils Racecourse Shelter at 11:57am. It's in good shape and was last used on the 17th. He also looked at the Raven Rock Shelter which is new and appears finished - complete with a cable bear bag system. Passed Ensign Cowall Shelter and enjoyed the views at Black Rock Cliffs and Annapolis Rocks.  Arrived at the Pine Knob Shelter at 5:22pm.
157 Oct 18 Mon Pen-Mar Park Caledonia S.P. 18.1 2137.7 Started alone at Pen-Mar Park, MD at 9:30 am and hiked north. Passed Deer Lick Shelters, Tumbling Run Shelters, and the trail to Rocky Mountain shelters.  Trail was still rocky, but he made good time on the mostly level section.  Crossed US 30 and arrived back at Caledonia S.P, arriving at 4 pm.
156 Oct 17 Sun Pine Grove Furnace S.P. Caledonia S.P. 19.9 2119.6 Restless Legs and Low Step started at 8:45 at Pine Grove
Furnace and continued south.  They passed the AT mid-point and Tom’s Run shelters in the morning, and met the caretaker at the new Quarry Gap Shelters a little after noon.  Made good time and arrived at Caledonia State Park at 2:43pm.  Went to Junkers house again and got a wonderful Sunday dinner prepared by Sandy, and got a shower and did laundry.
155 Oct 16 Sat Boiling Springs Pine Grove Furnace S.P 19.2 2099.7 He started at Boiling Springs, and made good time.   He stopped for a break, and Low Step, who camped in Boiling Springs the night before, caught up with him.  They walked together the rest of the morning. Restless Legs met his friends Barry (FlickerBird) and Virgil (Silver Fox) who were day hiking north from Pine Grove Furnace to meet him.  They walked back together to Pine Grove Furnace where a fall festival was taking place. Dome Light and Dodger were already there enjoying the food. Low Step came in, and they all went to the new Appalachian Trail Museum.  Afterward, he finished the half-gallon challenge!  Spent the night at Junker’s hiker cabin with Low Step.
154 Oct 15 Fri Cove Mtn. Shelter Boiling Springs 21.6 2080.5 Left shelter early at about 7:00 because he woke up several times cold during the early morning hours.  Passed the Darlington Shelter Trail about 9:45 and ate a quick lunch at the Scott Farm Trail Work Center from 10:55 to 11:15.  Scored some trail magic snacks from some section hikers eating lunch at the Center.  Got into Boiling Springs at 2:24pm with plenty of time to get his mail drop at the post office and meet up with Junker at the Mid-Atlantic Regional Office.  Junker’s wife Sandy fixed a hot dinner at their house and he stayed in the hiker cabin behind thehouse.
153 Oct 14 Thu Peters Mtn. Shelter Cove Mtn. Shelter 15.3 2058.9 They all started the day early, leaving the shelter at 6:15am to get a head start toward Duncannon before the expected rain. Night hiked basically for an hour, but made good time. A light rain started about 9:30. It picked up later but wasn't too bad until they were hiking in the open when crossing the Susquehanna River and Juniata River. Got to the Doyle Hotel at 10:15, but found the bar doesn't open until 11am so they went across the street to Goodie's Restaurant and had a wonderful late breakfast. Dome Light and Dodger were there so he got to say goodbye to them. Tunes and Tootsie Pop were also there. Had two huge pancakes, sausage, two eggs, toast and coffee so he was very happy. After the meal he exchanged contact info with everybody. Coconut showed up.. he been staying at the campground. Went across the street to look at the rooms in the Doyle, said goodbye to Coconut and Clover who were staying in town overnight, and got Low Steps contact info. Went down to the bar and learned that a section hiker had prepaid a beer for the next several SOBOs who showed up. So he enjoyed a free Yuengling. Left town about 1:30pm .. made really good time .. steep and rocky climb up Hawk Rock. It was still raining when he reached the Cove Mtn. Shelter about 2:52pm. His socks were damp, but not soaked so was hoping they would dry overnight. Had the shelter to himself so he could spread things out, catch up on his journal and make a couple phone calls.
152 Oct 13 Wed Rausch Gap Shelter Peters Mtn. Shelter 18.0 2043.6 Started out a little after 8am. Has some limited views at Kinter View. About 2pm there were several military jets on maneuvers flying low over DeHart Reservoir in the valley and right over Peters Mountain where he was hiking. Made it hard to concentrate on the rocks. Reached the Peters Mtn. Shelter at 3:00pm. Met a section hiker there with her dog and soon Low Step showed up. Clover was also there that night and they played Gin Rummy with Low Step providing some liquid refreshment. Clear and cold at night, less than 37�F.
151 Oct 12 Tue 501 Shelter Rausch Gap Shelter 17.5 2025.6 Left the 501 shelter a little before 9 and found the trail to be really rocky. Anxious to find a section without all the PA rocks. He reached the Rausch Gap Shelter about 3:30pm. The shelter is dug into the hill with a stone foundation so it was warmer than the more exposed shelters. The spring feeds a stainless steel trough which collects the water .. very handy. Poor cell reception. Fewer rocks than the day before. That night a couple guys walked past with headlights without stopping at the shelter and a helicopter flew very low overhead.
150 Oct 11 Mon Eagle's Nest Shelter 501 Shelter 15.1 2008.1 Still trying to figure out how to load the ULA loaner pack so it rides better.. it's making his shoulders sore because it just doesn't fit right being an older model. Trail was not as rough as previous sections, but he will be glad to get to get out of the rocky sections. Reached the 2,000-mile mark about 11:55am. Reached the 501 Shelter at 3:00pm. Clover and Coconut were already there and later Low-Step showed up. The shelter is like a pole barn with a giant dome skylight.. 6-7 bunk beds and lots of floor space and a picnic table inside. The shelter had a solar shower which wasn't hooked up. With such a nice shelter it was ironic to have such a poor privy with no door located down a long side trail. He didn't sleep well that night and was awake every couple hours. Coconut was having feet problems and got a ride into Duncannon with the help of Trail Angel Mary.
149 Oct 10 Sun PA 61 Eagle's Nest Shelter 9.3 1993.0 Got up early and had a breakfast feast. Had to double back to pick up some of the trail around a bridge construction site. Climbed up from the railroad yard, but then had some level hiking. Reached the Eagle's Nest Shelter at 4:40pm. Coconut & Clover were there. They had spent a cold night in a pavilion in Port Clinton the previous night.
148 Oct 9 Sat .. .. 0.0 1983.7 Took a zero day at Barry and Paula's house. Enjoyed a great breakfast to start his "zero". Worked on setting up the replacement pack that ULA  had sent as a loaner. Found there had been a fox in the henhouse.. literally. Worked on planning out the rest of his schedule to estimate a tentative completion date. Got some Lipton dinners, gorp, pop tarts, candy bars and peanut butter to stock up.  Had some extra time so he got a haircut and cleaned up a bit.
147 Oct 8 Fri Allentown Hiking Club Shelter PA 61 22.1 1983.7 Started hiking about 7:30. The PA rocks are really beating up his feet so all sections on old road beds provide a welcome relief. Crossed Hawk Mtn road a little before 11am. Would have missed The Pinnacle, but was urged by some section hikers to backtrack a bit and take the blue side trail. He found a large group of people there when he arrived at 12:46pm .. including a couple school groups. Ate his lunch there and rested his feet some. Arrived at PA 61 -  near Hamburg, PA at 4:46pm where he met Barry. Stopped to eat some burgers on the way to  Cabelas to get a Sea-to-Summit bag liner to add some warmth at night. Stopped on the way back to Barry's house to get moreburgers, fries and milkshakes to eat. Later that night he had half of a chicken sub sandwich.
146 Oct 7 Thu Jail House Hostel, Palmerton Allentown Hiking Club Shelter 17.7 1961.8 Left the hostel late (9:15) and needed to get more groceries. Just hasn't been able to eat enough calories lately. Started the day hiking in dry weather for a change. About 10:06 until he reached the AT again. Found a cold drink waiting for him at the George W. Outerbridge shelter. Trail was very rocky, but it was great hiking weather. Reached the Bake Oven shelter about 1pm. Met three guys watching hawks at the Bake Oven Knob. Still not much color in the trees. Had some short stretches on old road beds, but mostly ankle twisting rocks. A little after 5pm he reached a spring and was able to get water before arriving at the shelter. He arrived at the Allentown Hiking Club Shelter at 5:32pm. Very nice shelter all to himself. 90% Done.
145 Oct 6 Wed Leroy A. Smith Shelter Jail House Hostel, Palmerton 15.8 1944.1 Felt a little cold when he woke up. Going to pick up a Sea to Summit liner - for some extra warmth - when he gets to Port Clinton. Left the shelter about 8:15 and had to wear raingear because it was cold. Trail was mostly level, but rocky. Had a few minutes of sun in the morning. Saw an Amish group from Lancaster section hiking about 12:45. Reached Little Gap (Danielsville, PA) at 1:21pm. Passed the deforested ridge due to zinc smelting. Boots and socks were soaked again due to hiking through the wet vegetation. Reached PA 248 and was able to hitch a ride into Palmerton. Arrived at the Jail House Hostel about 3:30. Was able to get things dried out and get a shower.
144 Oct 5 Tue Church of the Mtn Hostel Leroy A. Smith Shelter 20.4 1928.3 Left the Hostel a little bit before 8am. Light drizzle all day, boots and socks are soaked with no good way to dry them out. Climbed up Mt. Minsi was very steep and rocky. Passed the Kirkridge Shelter side trail about 10:45, but didn't stop. Got to Wolf Rocks, but had no views due to the rain. Rocks are a real pain since they are small and ankle twisting. Reached the Leroy A. Smith Shelter at 4:34pm. Met a SOBO thru-hiker and a NOBO section hiker. Had to go down hill a half mile to get water. Tried to spread things out to dry a little in the shelter. 
143 Oct 4 Mon Mohican Outdoor Center Church of the Mtn Hostel 10.3 1907.9 Trail around Sunfish Pond was very rocky. Rain stopped about 9:30. The trail after the Backpacker Campsite in the Worthington State Forest was mostly a road bed. Went under I-80 about 11:30. Stopped a few minutes at the Kittatinny Visitor Center and it soon started raining again. Rained the rest of the way into the Delaware Water Gap - arriving at 12:24pm. Both outfitters in town were closed, but the owner of Edge of the Woods came by and left him in so they could "brainstorm" about keeping the left strap of his pack from sliding. Was hoping to get a bag liner to add some warmth, but ended up just getting some fuel. Clover and Coconut showed up at the Church of the Mountain Hostel a little after 3pm. 
142 Oct 3 Sun Gren AndersonShelter Mohican Outdoor Center 20.9 1897.6 Reached the Culvers Fire Tower about 8:30. It was locked, but he climbed up and got some photos. Met the fellow from the day before at US 206 and learned there were great sandwiches at Joes to Go on 206. He turned around and got one with bacon and some coffee for $3. Passed the Brink Road Shelter a little bit before  11:30. Been having problems with his left shoulder strap .. trying lots of things. This puts strain on the hip belt which starts popping open. Going to need a loaner pack to finish the hike. Had some nice views from Rattlesnake Mountain, but not many fall colors yet. Climbed the Catfish Fire Tower which was also locked, but he took somo photos. Lots and lots of rocks, feet were very sore.  Reached the AMC's Mohican Outdoor Center a little before 7:30pm. Was unsuccessful at trying to do a work-for-stay. Had some rain that night.
141 Oct 2 Sat Unionville, NY Gren Anderson Shelter 20.1 1876.7 Had a breakfast of 2-egg cheese omelet, 2 English muffins, 2 sausages and a coffee. After which he was still hungry so they repeated the process and he ate another round of everything and was a very happy hiker. He is the last hiker to stay at the Dog House as the former mayor is getting married. Got a ride back to the trail in a Toyota Prius. Had lots and lots of rocks, but no big climbs... 80% rocky areas on the trail. Passed by the Lake Marcia dam about 11:40am. Climbed up a tower and had a view of the High Point Monument. Passed some shelters, reached the Sunrise Mountain Pavilion parking lot a little before 4pm. The rocks decreased after that, but still 60% rocks. Passed a suspicious looking character dressed all in cotton which made him a bit uncomfortable. Reached the Gren Anderson Shelter at 7:23pm. Clover and Coconut also stayed at the shelter which worked out well. Temp got down to about 40° at night so he was wearing everything he had.
140 Oct 1 Fri Vernon, NJ Unionville, NY 11.8 1856.6 Before leavingt St. Thomas he did a load of hiker towels and then helped a lady deliver some books to be donated to the library. She said she would deliver him back to the trail. Instead of the town library - it was the county library about 15 miles away and then she dropped him off at the wrong trail intersection so he had to backtrack north on the boardwalk and then turn around and hike back south. In the afternoon he passed the Walkill National Wildlife Refuge for migrating water fowl and shorebirds. The AT goes across a levy and beside the wetlands. Once he reached the General Store in Unionville, he got directionto stay the "Dog House" and arrived at 4:57pm. Had a great supper of spaghetti. He was the only hiker staying there.
139 Sep 30 Thu Wildcat Shelter Vernon, NJ 17.1 1844.8 Rain started about 5:30 in the morning. He headed out in a downpour about 8:30am. Got caught in part of the tropical storm rain most of the day. The trail was smooth up Prospect Rock (highest point on the AT in NY) and he almost fell twice except for the trekking poles. One time he slipped off to the left down off a rock - slid down 16' but stayed on his feet and wasn't injured. It rained 80% of the time from when he started in the morning until 12:30pm, and about 70-80% of the time in the afternoon. It was a tough day to be hiking. He hitched into town and arrived at the St. Thomas Episcopel Church in Vernon, NJ at 4:47. There he met Coconut & Clover who were also SOBO - they had been there a couple nights trying to avoid the rain. While in town he grabbed some dollar burgers at Burger King - took a shower - did laundry - and checked his email. The hostel was very nice, clean and user friendly.
138 Sep 29 Wed Fingerboard Shelter Wildcat Shelter 14.3 1827.7 It was a windy day for hiking and his books and socks were really wet. Passed through the Lemon Squeezer this morning. Arrived at the East Mombasha Road at 11:45am. Some of the trail was very rocky and difficult with a steep climb up Buchanan Mtn. Arrived at the Wildcat Shelter at 3:27pm. Made plans to stay at the Dog House in Unionville on Friday.
137 Sep 28 Tue West Mtn. Shelter Fingerboard Shelter 8.4 1813.4 Rain had stopped by the morning. Dome Light & Dodger  had planned to go 22+ miles to the Wildcat Shelter to catch a ride into NYC. Crossed the Aren Valley Road at 12:08pm. Arrived at the Fingerboard Shelter. Dome Light & Dodger took off at 1pm. Needed to go down to Lake Tiorati (1/2 mile each way) to get water. A little after 5pm a trail angel Pattie-O showed up with beverages and treats. Great time talking about the AT and how it will gain significance after you finish and have time to reflect on the experience. Pattie-O likes to travel up/down the trail and provide trail magic.
136 Sep 27 Mon Graymoor Spiritual Life Center West Mtn. Shelter 12.2 1805.0 Left the shelter about 7:15am to look around the buildings. Figured out you can access Graymoor right from the trail. Got to the post office (resupply box) at Fort Montgomery. Sent his underquilt and lighter bag home and got a heavier bag and quilt. Got some water, apples and granola bars as trail magic. Tried to get some food, but there wasn't much supply. Climbed up Bear Mountain and found all the buildings were closed and there was no water. Hard to follow the trail in the fog. Arrived at the West Mtn. Shelter at 6:32pm. Had been planning to go to the William Brien Memorial Shelter, but due to the weather he stopped. The West Mtn. Shelter is old, dirty, and has a leaky roof - but it was "home" for the night. Dome Light and Dodger showed up about 8pm. It was very windy that night.
135 Sep 26 Sun RPH Shelter Graymoor Spiritual Life Center 18.8 1792.8 Started about 8am. Some ups/downs but nothing too bad. Some nice views. Got some water at a spigot on the pump building on Dennytown Rd. Stopped for lunch just south of NY 301 at 11:12am. Reached the Graymoor Spiritual Life Center at 4:23pm. Got to the ballpark shelter and went for a shower in a block building, but it was only cold water and too cold to stand under. Feet were hurting from all the rocks so he went to bed at 8am.
134 Sep 25 Sat Telephone Pioneers Shelter RPH Shelter 16.8 1774.0 Started the morning after 8am. Sweating a lot due to the heat. Stopped for long lunch at the Morgan Stewart Memorial Shelter at 11:41am. Asked a section hiker about water. Met Old School again (Maine) who was slackpacking. Stopped for a break climbing up Hosner Mtn. at 3:04pm. Reached the RPH Shelter a little after 4pm. Met a section hiker who was showing his family the shelter. Very nice, clean, grass mowed, caretaker must live close. Ordered two large pizzas and a coke and talked about water sources up ahead. Very late (9pm) Andy & Carli arrived .. another very hot night.
133 Sep 24 Fri Mt. Algo Lean-to Telephone Pioneers Shelter 21.1 1757.2 Crossed into New York today.  80% Done. 
Left Mt. Algo about 8am. Andy, Carli & Low Step were at the shelter, but they had to go into town to resupply. Got some water at the Ten Mile River Lean-to at 11:49am. Got some water and apples from some day hikers. Got some water on CR 20 near the Dover Oak. Arrived at the Telephone Pioneers Shelter at 6:16pm. Cooked his supper, but hungry all the time. He was the only one at the shelter that night.

Sep 23 Thu Pine Swamp Brook Lean-to Mt. Algo Lean-to 17.3 1736.1 Hiking alone every day which allows him to set his own pace. There are usually some others at the shelters by 8pm, which provides a "safety net" for any unexpected problems.Today he hiked along the Housatonic River. Got some water at Caesar Brook, reached the Old Sharon Road at 10:51, and got some more water at the Guinea Brook. Right before noon he started to walk along the Housatonic River. The walking was easy on a bed of conifer needles. Along the way he met a fisheries biologist who was doing some electro shocking for brook trout. About 2pm climbed up St. Johns Ledges .. tough climb up late in the day. Got some water from a school group rapelling in the area. Climbed over Caleb's Peak and then about 3:45 he got to CT 341 and got a ride into Kent to resupply at the IGA store. Was eating some yogurt in the parking lot when he asked a guy wearing  hiking boots if he was going back to the AT in his car. He wasn't but agreed to shuttle him back to the trail. Continued on to the Mt. Algo Lean-to arriving a little after 5pm. There was nobody there at first, but then some weekend hikers and some SOBO hikers also showed up.
131 Sep 22 Wed Brassie Brook Lean-to Pine Swamp Brook Lean-to 21.0 1718.8 Got some water at the stream to start the day. Went past Lion's Head and a little after 9:00 he got to US 41 and about 9:40 he got to US 44 which he took into Salisbury, CT for an short resuply. Had a steep climb up from US 44. Found a bridge detour near the power plant - so no chance of a shower plus an hour long road walk - not a fun hike on the hard road surface in the hot sun.Got some water at a water spigot in a cemetery. Climbed up from US 7, CT 112 to Belters Campsite where he got a little water. Seemed to take forever to get to the Pine Swamp Brook Lean-to but he finally arrived at 6:47pm.
130 Sep 21 Tue Tom Leonard Lean-to Brassie Brook Lean-to 23.2 1697.8 Hunted some more for water without success. Got a bottle of water from some day hikers. Once they got near a house they asked permission to refill their bottles from a spigot. Crossed the Housatonic River. Passed the Shay's Rebellion monument before noon. Saw another flock of turkies. Had some really beautiful views along Jug End.. took some photos there. Climbed up Mt. Everett .. no views. Climbed Race Mountain which had 360° views, but nothing spectacular. Arrived at the Laurel Ridge Campsite at 4:52pm. Had some dramatic views of the valley below. Found some water in Sages Ravine. Crossed over the Connecticut line and up the steep climb over Bear Mountain. Got the the Bear Mountain Monument about 6pm. And finally got to the Brassie Brook Lean-to about 6:45pm .. very tired and ready to eat. Lots of acorns falling on the roof during the night.
129 Sep 20 Mon Upper Goose Pond Cabin Tom Leonard Lean-to 21.1 1674.6 UGP Cabin caretaker made breakfast of pancakes and coffee. Hiked back to the A.T. Walking through mixed deciduous forests, fields and pastures .. very pleasant walking . Arrived at MA 23 (1531.9) at 11:28am. Went along The Ledges (1522.5) about 3:30 .. ahead of the fall color change .. but got some great pictures. Trouble finding water. Acorns have been falling like crazy, like a war zone while walking and listening to them hit the metal roof of the shelters at night. Lots of busy chipmunks and squirrels. Crossed MA 23 again (1519.9) and got some water from the stream as he had heard the water source at the Tom Leonard Lean-to was dry. Got to the Tom Leonard Lean-to at 5:33pm. No water so he had to made do with what he had. Andy & Carli arrived later that night, but had not picked up extra water so he shared some of his. Had some frost in the valley that morning .. nice view of Ice Gulch.
128 Sep 19 Sun "Bird Cage" - Dalton, MA Upper Goose Pond Cabin 20.6 1653.5 Saw some turkies on the trail. Trail was relatively smooth but still had some rocks and roots. Got some fresh cookies and a couple hard-boiled eggs from the "Cookie Lady" near Becket. Stopped for lunch near the Blueberry Hill Airport at 12:49. Crossed of the MA Turnpike/I-90 a little before 5pm. Finished the day at the Upper Goose Pond Cabin at 5:52pm. UGP Cabin is ½ mile west of the trail and has a caretaker part of the year. There were two section hikers already there and later, Andy & Carli showed up. Really nice 2-story shelter, nice view of the pond. Must have stretched his stomach out at the AYCE supper the night before, so he was hungry all day.
127 Sep 18 Sat Mark Noepel Lean-to "Bird Cage" - Dalton, MA 13.7 1632.9 Met Rob Bird at MA 8 near Cheshire about 9:30am who told him he could stay at the "Bird Cage" that night. Rob also showed him where he could get some water from a faucet which was great since water has been hard to find. About 12:45 he met the founder and past CEO of the Frontier Co-op that his wife has belonged for many years. Had a great discussion about medicinal herbs, etc. Arrived at The Cobbles at 11:08am. A little before 3pm he arrived at the Shell Station in Dalton, MA and they called Rob Bird for him. Rob showed up with "Old Goat" & "Rock" that he last saw in Maine. Took a showder, did laundry and had an AYCE supper at the Old Country Buffet .. which was nice. Updated "Old Goat" & "Rock" about Padre and his status. Andy & Carli showed up right before everyone left for dinner. Resupplied at Price Chopper .or. might have been Dollar General.
126 Sep 17 Fri Seth Warner Shelter Mark Noepel Lean-to 16.5 1619.2 Had light "tree rain" in the morning, slept well. Started out about 8am. Soon he was off the Long Trail overlap and into Massachusetts. At 10:37 he hitched a ride into Williamstown for a Mexican dinner at Desperados. About 2:30 he got to the Wilbur Clearing Lean-to. Made a wrong turn on Mt. Williams and went back down  the hill .9 down .. had to turn around and go back up .9 for an extra 1.8 miles. Climbed over Mt. Greylock and halfway down the other side arriving at the Mark Noepel Lean-to at 6:42pm. There wasn't any water in the stream so he had a cold supper. 
125 Sep 16 Thu Bennington, VT Seth Warner Shelter 11.5 1602.7 Left about 10am, had a hard time hitching a ride. Slow-Steps father picked him up and took him to the trail. Started on the trail about 11am and had a steep climb up from Rt. 9. Ate lunch at the Congdon Shelter. Started to rain a little after 3pm. Met a SOBO hiking with her dog. Arrived at the Seth Warner shelter at 4:05pm Already another SOBO there and some NOBOs arrived later. Glad to be in a shelter with the rain that night.
124 Sep 15 Wed Story Spring Shelter Bennington, VT 19.0 1591.2 Trail was slippery after the previous night's rain. Climbed up Glastenbury Mountain at 11:29am and up the fire tower. The trail was smooth which made for nice travelling. Wasn't able to hitch a ride into Bennington, but was offered a ride by someone helping some slackpackers. Arrived at the Friendly's restaurant in Bennington at 4:03pm. Met another guy who worked from the Army Corp of Engineers. Stayed at Chris & Marla's  .. Carli & Andy were already there. Ate some fish & chips and then went to the Dollar Store. 
123 Sep 14 Tue Green Mountain House Hostel Story Spring Shelter 21.1 1572.2 Jeff from the Green Mtn House Hostel dropped him off at the trail. Met a guy named "Rico" Climbed up the fire tower. Saw a porcupine, but wasn't able to get a photo. Arrived at the Stratton Pond Shelter about 1:37pm. Reached the top of Stratton Mountain at 3:02pm. Arrived at the Story Spring Shelter at 6:12pm. Later Andy & Carli showed up and later a late northbounder hammocker arrived. "On July 7, 1840 Vermonters showed their support for William Henry Harrison at the Stratton Convention. Daniel Webster was the spokesman. Log cabins were erected at the rally sight and people flocked to Stratton Mountain." - Vermont History
122 Sep 13 Mon Bromley Mountain Green Mountain House Hostel 3.0 1551.1 Left the warming hut and arrived in Manchester Center, VT by 9am. Went to the outfitters and decided to send his hammock home and stay in the shelters or sleep on the ground under the tarp. Stayed at the Green Mountain House - Hiker Hostel. Very nice place. The owner lives between Akron & Cleveland, but bought a house in the area to operate as a hostel.
121 Sep 12 Sun Greenwall Shelter Bromley Mountain 21.6 1548.1 Reached the top of Bromley Mtn. and stayed at the warming hut 5:57pm. Passed a whole lot of shelters again that day. They are constructing a new shelter in that area. Also doing some construction on a bridge in that area. Saw a porcupine in a tree and met some Long Trail hikers. Had eight people inside the shelter - four walls - cooking in there - got nice and warm.
120 Sep 11 Sat Cooper Lodge Greenwall Shelter 18.9 1526.5 Hiked past a lot of shelters. Saw many more people he had previously hiked north with. Andy & Carli went to the state fair. Reached the Greenwall Shelter at 5:59pm. 70% Done.
119 Sep 10 Fri Stony Brook Shelter Cooper Lodge 16.3 1507.6 Rain started during the night and continued into the day. Went into a lodge and talked to Billy - coffee and a bagel - helped set up some tables for an event. Stopped at the Inn on Long Trail. Hiking some with Andy & Carli. Cold and rainy day. Started down the Long Trail overlap section and took the long climb up Killington Peak to Cooper Lodge at 5:27pm. Many of the windows in the lodge are missing so they hung tarps over the windows and climbed up on the roof to watch the sunset.
118 Sep 9 Thu Near S. Pomfret, VT Stony Brook Shelter 15.4 1491.3 Lots of roots and rocks climbing over the mountains. Had to pick up some water before arriving at the Stony Brook Shelter since it has no water. Arrived at the Stony Brook Shelter at 3:48pm. 
117 Sep 8 Wed Happy Hill Shelter Near S. Pomfret, VT 14.9 1475.9 Went through some mixed deciduous forests. Stopped at a village store in West Hartford and met Pale Blue Dot who he had hiked with in Virginia. PBD had broke his wrist and had to take some time off the trail. Arrived at the Thistle Hill Shelter at 1:13pm. Stopped on the hill above Stage road at 5:16pm.
116 Sep 7 Tue Just east of Hanover Happy Hill Shelter 6.9 1461.0 Stopped for a while in Hanover, then continued into Vermont and arrived at the Happy Hill Shelter at 4:37pm.
115 Sep 6 Mon Lambert Ridge, past Smarts Mtn Cabin Just east of Hanover 21.4 1454.1 Stopped for lunch at Goose Pond Road at 11:37am. Stopped for a break just east of Hanover at 6:01pm.
114 Sep 5 Sun Ore Hill Shelter Lambert Ridge, past Smarts Mtn Cabin 13.3 1432.7 Left the shelter a little after 7am. Met "Slightly Inappropriate. Climbed Mt. Cube - not too bad - summited about 10:15. Saw a couple with a couple small dogs at the top. They were day hikers and gave him a turkey sandwich and a large expresso chocolate bar. Very, very nice trail magic! Talked to "Puck", a hockey coach he had last seen in Daleville. Stopped for lunch at South Jacob's Brook at 12:45pm. Climbed up to Firewardens Cabin and tower at the top of Smarts Mtn. Got some good views. About 4pm he saw "LB" .. last on the bus .. who he also saw in Daleville. Had a nice visit. Stopped partway down Lambert Ridge at 5:27pm at a nice hammock spot..
113 Sep 4 Sat Beaver Brook Shelter Ore Hill Shelter 15.5 1419.4 Nobody started very early due to the rain. He left about 9am after the rain had stopped. Climbed over Mt. Moosilauke "the Moose" - it was cloudy, windy  and cold. At the top he met a day hiker. About 11 he saw "Food Network" and two other hikers.Stopped at the Jeffers Brook shelter at 12:27pm for lunch. Got off at NH 25 and walked to the Hikers Welcome Hostel to resupply, but they didn't have much of a selection so he got some pop tarts, ramen, gorp and pepperoni slices. Got back on the AT about 2pm and climbed up Mt. Mist and arrived at the Ore Hill Shelter at 5:37pm. "Pepper" & "Chili" - a father/son team was there. Saw a mouse immediately after setting up. Mouse got into his gorp and all night they had mice running across their hands, tyvek, and just being a nuisance.
112 Sep 3 Fri Lonesome Lake Hut Beaver Brook Shelter 14.9 1403.9 Was talking with "Slow Go" and soon the high school students spotted a huge moose with it's rack in full velvet heading up the mountain on the back side of the hut. Left the hut about 8:30 after breakfast and cleaning the tables. The high school group left early due to the approaching hurricane.Arrived at Kinsman Pond about 9:30am. At little after 10am he saw "Gypsy Girl" who is from Austrailia. He is passing a lot of thru-hikers that he had hiked with earlier in the year. About 11am he crested Kinsman Mtn. He arrived at the Eliza Brook Campsite Shelter at 12:28pm and met a workcrew who was starting construction on a new shelter. He refilled his water and started up Mt. Wolf and then downhill to Kinsman Notch. About 4pm he met "Baggins" who he had seen at the ALDHA meetings and "The Place" in Damascus during Trail Days. At Kinsman Notch / NH 112 he got some water from some day hikers since he was out. Had a long, hard climb up to the Beaver Brook Shelter and arrived at 7:07pm. There were 8 Dartmouth College students there on their orientation. Packed 3 more thru-hikers in a 10-person shelter. One NOBO hammocked outside. There was a very long, hard rain that night..
111 Sep 2 Thu Franconia Notch Lonesome Lake Hut 2.9 1389.0 Woke up about 3am trying to get his pack lighter after picking up his food drop and some winter gear. Went to Lahout's Summit Shop and was able to repair his bent trekking pole and get new tips. Picked up a pack cover. Spent most of the day with his friends from Vermont. Got his laundry done and sorted through his gear. The winter bag was just too bulky to fit in his pack - and it was a pound heavier than his down bag so he shipped it back. Kept the underquilt and will just wear his insulated jacket to bed. Saw a "Jaybird" there .. quite a few with the same trailname. Got lunch at a sandwich shop and then he did a final gear cut. Started back on the trail about 5pm and arrived at the Lonesome Lake Hut at 6:30pm where he was able to do "work for stay". There was a group of high school students there and "Slow Go" whom he had last seen in Damascus, VA. Lonesome Lake Hut was probably the best hut he stayed at - great views right out the front door. 
110 Sep 1 Wed Galehead Hut Franconia Notch
13.0 1386.1 Left the Galehead Hut at 8:30am after breakfast and chores. Met a couple from Florida (Rex & Colleen) .. nice folks. Later he met "Ugly Tuna" - a retired federal employee he had hiked with around the Smokies. Very hot on the uphills .. in the 90s. Mt. Garfield was a long climb. Saw "Hopper" at 11:45 who he had last seen in the Pearisburg, VA area. At 12:55pm he summited Mt. Lafayette and met "Giant" at the Greenleaf Hut. About 2pm he met "AT Troll" who was in a hurry to catch up with "Hopper". About 2:30pm he peaked Little Haystack Mtn. and the view going down to Franconia Notch were just fabulous. He took some pictures, but they probably won't do the scenery justice. Very sunny day, had to use sunscreen twice that day since he was hiking on an exposed ridge. He arrived at the Liberty Springs Tentsite about 3:30pm and got some water. Took the long - long downhill to Franconia Notch / US 3 - very rocky and tough on the feet. Arrived at the bottom about 5:30pm and 15 minutes later was able to get a ride to Chet's in Lincoln, NH with one of Chet's neighbors. Ate some supper at McDonalds. 
109 Aug 31 Tue Crawford Notch Galehead Hut
14.3 1373.1 Started out about 7am and got to the Ethan Pond cut-off about 8am. Spent lots of time bog walking on the boards, easy to make good time. Arrived at the Zealand Falls Hut at 10:04am - left about 10:35 since there was no free food. Climbed over Mt. Guyot and arrived at the Galehead Hut at 3:30pm and was able to do a work-for-stay. Their water system had been down at the hut so they had a big mound of dishes that needed washed and were eager to have hikers do work-for-stay. Hook and Lift-n-Step were there.
108 Aug 30 Mon Carter Notch Hut Crawford Notch 11.5 1358.8 Left the hut about 10:15am after a bunch of scrubbing walls in the morning. Climbed over Mt. Franklin, Mt. Pierce and stopped by the Mizpah Spring Hut. .. newer hut .. gorgeous place .. really liked it there. Got some bread there .. ate a lot of bread that day. Climbed up Mt. Jackson, Mt. Webster (4pm) and camped beside Avalanche Brook near the Willey House near 302. Met a small guy who hikes very fast - they "flew" down the trail to 302 where there was a rumor of trail magic. It turned out to be soft drinks provided by Stone Dancer. About 7pm Radar and Roo showed up. The night was very breezy and warm and he was almost too hot in the hammock. [Willey House Note - Back on August 28, 1826 (almost 184 yeas to the day), the family of Samuel Willey, Jr. heard a landslide and fled the house. Samuel, his wife, five children and two hired men were all killed, but the house was untouched.]
107 Aug 29 Sun Osgood Tentsite Lake of the Clouds Hut 10.1 1347.3 Left a little after 7am. Had a tough climb up Mt. Madison with 50mph winds and 75mph gusts. There was no protection from the wind since the trail climbs up a big boulder field. Arrived at the Madison Sping Hut about 10am and talked with a couple SOBOs .. Andy & Carly who were just leaving. Got some free apple pancakes .. stayed about a half hour. Most of the day was spent hiking on rocks. The trail followed the ridge which means parallel to the ridge, not across the top. Arrived at Edmands Col at 11:56am. Climbed up Mt. Washington about 2:30pm .. very windy .. tried to make some phone calls but had no service. Arrived at the Lake of the Clouds Hut at 3:30pm. where he could do work for stay. It doesn't always work out well as they didn't get to eat until almost 9pm that night. His work-for-stay involved moving matresses and scrubbing walls as they were past their peak tourist season. Tough to balance all the time required for work-for-stay with the food you get.
106 Aug 28 Sat Carter Notch Hut Osgood Tentsite 10.7 1337.2 Started a little before 9am. Had some steep climbs up Wildcat Mtn. followed by a steep / slow climb downto Pinkham Notch. He met Cricket, Skink and Scatter who had had hiked with previously on the trail. (Skink and his wife recently purchased the Hikers Inn in Damascus.) He stopped by the Pinkham Notch Visitor Center .. lots of people .. just ate something and left. Later continued on to the Osgood Tentsite arriving at 5:32pm. Talked to a guy who was an oboard-ship naturalist for an expedition ship in Alaska.
o105 Aug 27 Fri Imp Campsite Shelter Carter Notch Hut 7.2 1326.5 Shelters have a big door cut in the 4th wall, so it's easy to sleep in... didn't get started until 8:15am. Very windy in the morning. Some steep, hard, hand-over-hand climbs - passed North Carter and Middle Carter, then stopped for lunch at Zeta Pass at 12:00. Very steep climb down to the Carter Notch Hut, arrived at 2:27pm.. Got a work-for-stay cleaning the stove. Had a lot of food for dinner with chicken, salad and coffee. Went to bed late, didn't sleep well in the bunkhouse.
104 Aug 26 Thu Gorham, NH Imp Campsite Shelter 8.0 1319.3 Got a hitch back to the trailhead and got back on the trail about 11:45am. Ate a quick snack at the Rattle River Shelter. Had a long climb with six days of food, so it was a very heavy pack climbing up Mt. Moriah. Arrived at the Imp Campsite shelter at 5:45pm. Did some work for the caretaker. Now he's in the "Whites" or White Mountains of New Hampshire. 
103 Aug 25 Wed Trident Col Tentsite Gorham, NH
6.9 1311.3 Got started about 7am, had to stop and put on raingear. Got a ride into Gorham about 11am, met 2 SOBOs and 1 NOBO. Did his laundry. Outfitter didn't have a replacement section for his Leki pole. Picked up a Mtn Hardware Epic rain jacket. Went to the library and checked email - ate in town. Some section hikers took him to Walmart so he could resupply on Wednesday night. Stayed at the Barn. 60% Done.
102 Aug 24 Tue Carlo Col Shelter Trident Col Tentsite 10.1 1304.4 Crossed into NH today. Summited Mt. Success around 9am, but no views due to the weather. Stopped for lunch at Moss Pond at 11:12am. Arrived at the Trident Col Tentsite at 2:14pm. Thought of going on, but everything was soaked.aPadre had to get off the trail to rest a possible pulled muscle. He fell twice today on the wet rocks… he has one broken pole and a hole in his pack and rain cover. Stayed in his hammock. Met some section hikers. He planned to get repairs at the outfitter in Gorham
101 Aug 23 Mon Speck Pond Shelter Carlo Col Shelter 9.5 1294.3 Started out about 7am, wore rainpants all day. Today he completed the hardest mile on the AT .. Mahoosuc Notch .. a valley filled with house sized boulders that you have to climb over - or under - as you work your way through the maze. Took about 2 hours to get through. Got delayed due to a moose blocking the trail so it became the Mamoosic Notch for the day. At 12:41 they stopped for lunch at the Full Goose Shelter. Arrived at the Carlo Col Shelter at 4:04pm. Now only 1/2 mile from the NH-ME border. Stayed in the shelter.
100 Aug 22 Sun Dunn Notch & Falls Speck Pond Shelter 14.1 1284.8 Stopped for lunch at 11:13am at Baldpate Mtn. (E. Peak) Really started raining hard - had to go below tree line to get out of the wind and put on his rainpants to shield his boots. Met some NOBOs eating lunch at Baldpate Lean-to. Moved on and had a tough 2500' climb up Old Speck Mtn. Arrived at Speck Pond Shelter at 5:37pm. Stayed in the shelter to let some things dry out. Happy Birthday
99 Aug 21 Sat Black Brook, S. Arm Campground Dunn Notch & Falls 10.9 1270.7 Left the S. Arm Campground with Padre. Took longer than expected as Padre struggled on the wet rocks. Stopped for lunch at Hall Mtn. Lean-to at 11:14am (1928.6). Padre was having increasing pain in his leg, so at East B Hill Road they flagged down a car and got Padre a ride into Andover. Camped in his hammock near Dunn Notch & Falls. (1921.8) Hung food bags 5'-6' off the ground, but something still got into his food bag - might have been some type of squirrel. Drizzeled all night so the tarp and hammock were wet in the morning.
98 Aug 20 Fri Bemis Mountain Lean-to Black Brook, S. Arm Campground 8.7 1259.8 Started about 7am. Climbed the Bemis west peak, but no views due to the cloudy conditions. Went up Old Blue Mtn. and stopped for lunch at 11:52am (1935.5). They then had a long descent down to S. Arm Road. Went into Andover and got his mail pickup. Padre caught a ride in about an hour later. Got resupplied even though Andover offers few options. Their next resupply will be in Gorham.
97 Aug 19 Thu Sabbath Day Pond Lean-to Bemis Mountain Lean-to 8.3 1251.1 Started out about 7am. Padre's previous hiking partner "Mule" was to meet them at the Bemis Lean-to. No views at the top of the peaks, but nice alpine vegetation. They arrived at the Bemis Mountain Lean-to at 1:43pm (1941.4) Stayed in the shelter that night. Talked a lot about the trail, anxious about the low miles. Right before 11pm they had a tremendous storm with lots of lightning, glad to be in the shelter that night.
96 Aug 18 Wed Piazza Rock Lean-to Sabbath Day Pond Lean-to 11.2 1242.8 They left at 6:15am and got to ME 4 where they caught a ride with a hairdresser driving into Rangeley. They ate breakfast at the BMC Diner. Went to the Alpine Shop Outfitter where Padre got some Aqua Mira and Restless Legs got some alcohol for his stove. They resupplied with food and got back to the trail by 11am. They had a long uphill climb to the shelter. They reached the Sabbath Day Pond Lean-to at 4:46pm. (1949.7) Stayed in his hammock with sleeping bag and liner. The night started warm, but about 11pm it was cold enough he needed to put on his wind jacket and later he needed to add a long sleeve shirt. They were camped right on the pond.
95 Aug 17 Tue Poplar Ridge Lean-to Piazza Rock Lean-to 8.9 1231.6 Reached the top of The Horn at 10:35am. It was an open, bare rock climb with great views. Reached the top of Saddleback Mtn. at 12:01pm (1964.8) and ate a second lunch. Reached the Piazza Rock Lean-to at 3:32pm (1960.9) Stayed in the shelter again. Met an IBM retiree "Mahooch Man" who talked a bit and continued on though he was tired as he wanted to charge his cell phone battery and use the internet. Met another section hiker from ME who was very familiar with the area.
94 Aug 16 Mon Spaulding Mtn. Lean-to Poplar Ridge Lean-to 8.0 1222.7 Woke up to rain. Had a mouse chewing on his finger at 5am which woke him up. Stayed until about 8am until they left. Slow going on the wet granite. Rock hopped across Orbeton stream. Had lunch there about 11:30am. It rained, drizzled and tree dripped all day. Arrived at Poplar Ridge Lean-to at 2:59pm (1969.8). Stayed in the shelter again. Three more thru-hikers arrived and a French-Canadian couple came in and set up a tent. Saw a tan snow-shoe hare, but only got a picture of it running away. Started raining about 9:45pm.
93 Aug 15 Sun ME 27 / Stratton, ME Spaulding Mtn. Lean-to 13.5 1214.7 Taking lunch at N. Crocker Mtn. at 11:45am. Finished the day at Spaulding Mtn. Lean-to at 6:20pm (1977.8) Stayed in shelter. Had a tough day, lots of extreme climbing with hand over hand climbing. Padre was having an especially tough time. Climbed up Sugar Loaf Mtn. There was supposedly a great view 1/2 mile off the AT, but due to the tough day they passed it up. Only 1 NOBO there - "Bodacious" from GA. Thought there was going to be rain that night.
92 Aug 14 Sat Horn's Pond Lean-to ME 27 / Stratton, ME 5.1 1201.2 Hiked to ME 27 and called Sue of the Stratton Motel to get a ride into Stratton. They spent the night at the Stratton Motel -  took showers - did laundry - and resupplied for possibly three days until Rangeley.
91 Aug 13 Fri Little Bigelow Lean-to Horn's Pond Lean-to 10.2 1196.1 Started out before 7am. Had ups/downs all day. It was a beautiful day for hiking as they climbed four peaks with 360° views. Arrived at the Safford Notch Campsite at 9:47am. (2001.7). Stopped for lunch on Bigelow Mtn. - Avery Peak at 12:27. They were amazed at the size of Flagstaff Lake. After eating they continued on to Horn's Pond Lean-to and arrived at 4:25pm. (1996.4) There are two shelters there and they met Jeff the caretaker who talked about development in the area. He and Padre had one of the shelters to themselves.
90 Aug 12 Thu Pierce Pond Lean-to Little Bigelow Lean-to 17.3 1185.9 Started out at 7am and had a good uphill climb. Stopped for lunch at the West Carry Pond Lean-to at 12:04pm (2013.9). Climbed up Roundtop Mtn. which wasn't bad.  Arrived at Little Bigelow Lean-to at 5:15pm (2006.6) Met a couple other hikers at the shelter. He set up his hammock and cleaned up. Got up during the night, but didn't see any sign of the Perseid Meteor Shower.
89 Aug 11 Wed Bald Mtn Brook Lean-to Pierce Pond Lean-to 18.7 1168.6 Started out at 6:30am as they wanted to get to the Kennebec River before the canoe crossings ended for the day. Stopped for lunch on Pleasant Pont Mtn. at 11:02am (2034.9) Reached the Kennebec River at 3:26pm. It was a hard climb up out of the river valley Arrived at the Pierce Pond Lean-to at 5:55pm (2023.9) He set up his hammock and was glad for his underquilt. They listened to the loons on Pierce pond.  They skipped the pancake breakfast at Harrison's Pierce Pond Camp. They watched a tan animal on the other side of the pond, probably a yearling moose.
88 Aug 10 Tue Horseshoe Canyon Lean-to Bald Mtn Brook Lean-to 13.0 1149.9 Started out by 6:45am and took their shoes off to wade across the west branch of the Piscataquis River. Arrived at the Moxie Bald Lean-to at 11:39am (2046.7) He and Padre talked about their hiking plans and mileage. Padre was looking to finish in late October, but RL was hoping to attend the ALDHA meeting in October. At this point they have continued to hike together. I was a long 2-mile climb up Moxie Bald Mtn. so they enjoyed a long lunch. From they top they had nice views so he took lots of pictures. Arrived at the Bald Mtn. Brook Lean-to at 3:38pm. (2042.6) After a bit some NOBOs showed up. It rained from 5:30-7pm so he stayed in the shelter. Now 15 miles from the Kennebec River / canoe crossing.
87 Aug 9 Mon ME - 15 Horseshoe Canyon Lean-to 9.0 1136.9 He needed to wait in Monson and make a phone call about a potential job opportunity after his hike. Left about 9:50am with a heavy pack - loaded with food - and continued on with Padre. It had rained from 4-7 and the rocks were very slippery. They were able to rock hop across the east branch of the Piscataquis River. There they got some trail magic of soft drinks provided by an '03 thru-hiker. They arrived at the Horseshoe Canyon Lean-to at 3:49pm. (2055.6) There they met a tall fellow (6'4") who had started in Harpers Ferry and was NOBO, planning to jump from Katahdin back to Harpers Ferry and then proceed SOBO. It looked like rain that night so they all stayed in the shelter.
86 Aug 8 Sun Shaw's - Monson Shaw's - Monson .. .. Really enjoyed the AYCE breakfast for $7. Grabbed a cup of coffee and took a nice stroll around Monson in the morning. It was a good day to take a zero. He received the Southbound edition of the A.T. Guide and spent some time switching some notes from his Northbound edition. In the afternoon a group of six hikers split the $20 shuttle cost to go get supplies..
85 Aug 7 Sat Wilson Valley Lean-to ME - 15 10.4 1127.9 He and Padre set off toward Monson with more bouldering. By lunch he was down to some granola bars and some gorp that the mice hadn't gotten in to. At Arrived at the Leeman Brook Lean-to at 11:41am. (2067.6) Soon they were through the 100-mile wilderness and standing at ME 15 (2064.6) where he called for a shuttle to Shaw's. The 100-mile wilderness had more ups/downs than the profile maps had indicated. They met some NOBOs there who were also heading to Shaw's. Arrived in Monson at Shaw's at 4:35pm. Took a shower, did laundry and enjoyed supper at a BBQ place.
84 Aug 6 Fri Chairback Gap Lean-to Wilson Valley Lean-to 15.6 1117.5 He left soon after 6am and was glad to find water by 7am. A little after 9am he reached the Forth Mtn. (2085.8) Arrived at the Cloud Pond Lean-To at 10:45. Reached Barren Mtn. for lunch at 11:13 (2082.8). Met a guy from Maine on top who had recently been diagnosed with terminal leukemia. This was sobering and a reminder to be thankful for health. He got some nice panoramic shots overlooking Lake Onawa and then moved on. Passed by the Long Pond Stream Lean-to at 1:30 and arrived at the Wilson Valley Lean-to at 4:41pm (2075.0) where he met Padre. Padre had been getting discouraged about hiking alone. Right before dusk three SOBO brothers from Cleveland, OH arrived. He hung his hammock and placed his food bag in the shelter on a "mouse proof" string with an inverted can to block a mouse's descent.
83 Aug 5 Thu Logan Brook Lean-to Chairback Gap Lean-to 17.1 1101.9  50% Done. Got up early and reached the peak of White Cap Mtn. by 7am. Iit was hazy and cloudy so no good views. Had some tough ups and downs climbing Gulf Hasas Mtn where he had lunch. Reached the Carl A. Newhall Lean-to at 10:34am (2100.5). Forded the west branch of the Pleasant River using his crocs - no issues. Light rain at Chairback Mtn, pretty tough trail with the exposed rock ledges in the rain. Arrived at the Chairback Gap Lean at 4:59pm. (2090.6) It was empty so he set his stuff up in the shelter. A couple NOBO thru-hikers Ridley & Panther soon joined him. It was his toughest day hiking in Maine since Katahdin. He hung his pack on a nail in the shelter and awoke the next morning to find that mice had chewed into his pack - found his food bag - chewed into his gorp and ate the M&Ms and peanuts.
82 Aug 4 Wed Antlers Campsite at the Lower Jo-Mary Lake Logan Brook Lean-to 19.6 1084.8 They got to the Mary-Jo road by 8:30 so "Kensen?" could catch a ride out. He stopped for a break at the Cooper Brook Falls Lean-to from 9:45-10:45 - nice place. Met some NOBOs who were section-hiking. Kept a good pace most of the day. Steep trail up to Little Boardman Mtn. Passed some NOBOs finishing up their thru-hikes. Learned "Padre" was only a day or two ahead. Arrived at the Logan Brook Lean-to at 4:31pm. (2107.7) Stayed in the shelter as there were not may options to hang the hammock.
81 Aug 3 Tue Wadleigh Stream Lean-to Antlers Campsite at the Lower Jo-Mary Lake 13.6 1065.2 It rained fairly hard during the night and was raining while they were packing up in the morning. At 6am the rained stopped, but the rocks were very slippery. They had lunch at Potaywadjo Spring Lean-to (2130.8).He slipped a half dozen times and bent one of his trekking poles, but never completely fell. The 18-year-old hiking with him fell hard and hurt his knee. Upon arriving at the Antlers Campsite at 1:56pm. (2127.3) they found they had cell service and called the A.T. Lodge folks to pick up "Kensen?" at a road crossing on Wednesday. He stayed in the shelter, but Loons calling from 2am-4am made sleeping difficult.
80 Aug 2 Mon Hurd Brook Lean-to Wadleigh Stream Lean-to 19.6 1051.6 They were up before 6:30am and soon hiking along Rainbow Lake. Had lunch at Rainbow Stream Lean-to (2149.0) which had the best spring/pool he has seen on the trail. ON top of Nesuntabunt Mtn. he got some great pictures of Katahdin. They got to the Wadleigh Stream Lean-to at 5:16 (2140.9)
79 Aug 1 Sun Katahdin Stream Campground Hurd Brook Lean-to 13.4 1032.0 He had dropped one of his water bottle clips in the AT Lodge van and needed to wait until 10:30am to retrieve it before he could start hiking. The trail was good and he talked with a girl who had thru-hiked in '08 who was section hiking with her father. He was now in the 100-mile Wilderness. Signs suggest having 10 days of food before entering, but he will probably be through in six or seven. They arrived at the Hurd Brook Lean-to at 4:20. (2160.5) There was lots of tannin in the water so he appreciated being able to borrow a filter.
78 Jul 31 Sat AT Lodge, Millinocket, ME To Katahdin peak and back. 5.2 1018.6
Up early and with 2 other hikers he headed to Baxter State Park.Climbed up Katahdin (2179.1) reaching the top at 12:44pm. It was a sunny day with great views in all directions. He met a couple thru-hikers who were completing their hike - one had a base weight of 7 and one had a base weight of 12 who was hiking in sandals. Returned back to the Katahdin Stream Campground where they spent the night (2173.9)
. Jul 30 Fri Home AT Lodge, Millinocket, ME .. ..
He switched out gear AND spent some time making job
contacts and updating his resume for possible post-hike employment. At the AT Lodge he got the SOBO special which includes getting picked up at the bus station, over night stay, breakfast and transportation to Baxter State Park.
77 Jul 22 Thu David Lesser Shelter Harpers Ferry 8.6 1013.4. Arrived at the ATC Headquarters in Harpers Ferry at 12:15. Going to run back home, then head to Maine to start a flip-flop.
76 Jul 21 Wed Sam Moore Shelter David Lesser Shelter 14.1 1004.8 Working through the math.. 1166 miles to go after Harpers Ferry .. averaging 15 miles per day .. would put him at Katahdin on Oct 8. In some years, access to the park road and trails up Katahdin can be closed by snowstorms up to two weeks before Oct 15. Considering a flip-flop. Passed the 1000-Mile mark.
75 Jul 20 Tue Dick's Dome Shelter Sam Moore Shelter 15.3 990.7 Passed Ashby Gap, US 50 around 10am. After lunch at the Rod Hollow Shelter he enters the “roller coaster,” a 13.5-mile section with ten ascents and descents. The Virginia corridor is narrow here, leaving Trailcrews very little choice other than to route the path up and over each of these viewless and rocky ridges.
74 Jul 19 Mon Thom Floyd Shelter Dick's Dome Shelter 18.8 975.4 Lunch at Jim & Molly Denton Shelter.
73 Jul 18 Sun Byrd's Nest 4 Thom Floyd Shelter 21.3 956.6 I just missed him as I was in Harpers Ferry completing a 31-mile section hike with the scouts on this day. We visited the ATC headquarters, had our picture taken, and I noted when some thru-hikers Restless Legs has been hiking with -- had reached the ATC headquarters. Jul 7 - "Skink", "Giant", "3-Ball", Jul 8 - "Cricket", Jul 9 - "Squid" & "Pale Blue Dot".
72 Jul 17 Sat Skyland Resort Byrd's Nest 4 13.1 935.3 Continued on without his brother. Took a short hike with "Andante" who then went back to the Skyand Resort.
71 Jul 16 Fri Skyland Resort Skyland Resort 0.0 922.2 Brother still wasn't doing well, took a zero day.
70 Jul 15 Thu Rock Spring Hut Skyland Resort 4.5 922.2 Had lunch at Skyland and discuss options again. Called their sister and worked out that she would come pick up "Andante".
69 Jul 14 Wed Bearfence Mountain Hut Rock Spring Hut 10.8 917.7 Left late since it had rained all night. "Adante's" stomach still upset.. he was having a good time but felt he was slowing thingsdown too much. They had lunch at Milam Gap. They stopped again at Big Meadows to get some "normal" food. Continued on to Rock Spring Hut. Stayed outside the shelter in their hammock and tent.
68 Jul 13 Tue Hightop Hut Bearfence Mountain Hut 13.1 906.9 Had a long climb up Hightop Mountain. Scored some soft drinks as trail magic. Saw another bear on the west side of the trail... just posing there with his front paws up on a log. Not sure if the photos are clear. Rained very hard for a half hour. Water was pouring into their boots, so they were happy to arrive at Bearfence Mtn. Hut at 5:46pm and dry things out. There were four at the shelter that night. Trying to decide how to deal with "Andante's" stomach issues and resupply options. Met Uncle Don and TAAT - Uncle Don will be a Triple Crowner - they were putting in big days.
67 Jul 12 Mon Pinefield Hut Hightop Hut 8.2 893.8 Took their time getting started. "Andante" was not doing well so they discussed options. He was concerned about slowing their pace, but it was a good time to catch up and talk about their families. They had taken food for 15-mile days but were not going to be able to accomplish that. The idea of leaping ahead and then completing the skipped option after Katahdin was discussed. They arrived at the Hightop Hut at 4:18pm. Rained most of the day and was cooling off. Jumped into bed early with dry clothes and a wind jacket.
66 Jul 11 Sun Blackrock Hut Pinefield Hut 13.2 885.6 Had lunch at Loft Mtn. Campground. It was cold in the morning, got woke up about 5am by a Whipporwill. Lots of bear scat filled with lots of purple berries. "Andante" saw a bear which walked down the trail in front of them for a while.  Took a break at Skyline, had lunch at Loft Mountain. Arrived at Pinefield Hut about 5pm, only three at the shelter. All were tenting outside the shelter, lots of crashing of branches during the night - had his light on red and saw eyes - but switching to white the light revealed a deer standing in a depression. 
65 Jul 10 Sat Calf Mountain Shelter Blackrock Hut 12.3 872.4  40% Done.  Met up with some ultralight / skinny thru-hikers with lots of questions about nutrition and electrolytes. Took a "boots off" lunch break at Turk Gap, where they met a concert pianist. Elf was doing a section hike with his son and grandson. He's a 3-time thru hiker but his heart was acting up. Arrived at Blackrock Hut about 4:30, saw some thru hikers from the shelter the previous night. A bear with two cubs spent an hour eating berries near the shelter and ignored the hikers.
64 Jul 9 Fri Rockfish Gap/Waynesboro Calf Mountain Shelter 7.0 860.1 On the trail again! Hiking with his brother "Andante". Climbed up Bear Den Mountain and saw a humingbird moth, enjoyed the tractor seats on top. Five thru-hikers in the shelter. 
63 Jun 28 Mon Paul C. Wolfe Shelter Rockfish Gap/Waynesboro 5.0 853.1 Was able to easily hitch a ride into Waynesboro, VA - staying at the campsite at the YMCA. Will be taking a break to visit his son's family in Vermont for a week or so. 
62 Jun 27 Sun Maupin Field Shelter Paul C. Wolfe Shelter 15.8 848.1 Left Maupin Field Shelter at 7:22am. Trying different things to deal with the blisters, they don't seem to be healing. Nice view at a scenic overlook. Stopped again at Cedar Cliffs. Climb up Humpback Mtn was hot and very tough on heels. Was impressed by the stone fences along the trail. Painful walking even downhill. Saw another black bear - medium sized - but wasn't fast enough to get a photo. Tried a second time to get a picture, but the camera made a sound and the bear ran off. Stayed in the shelter, no good place to hang the hammock.
61 Jun 26 Sat Porters Field Campground Maupin Field Shelter 19.5 832.3 Passed near Crabtree Falls today - water drops over 1,000' in multiple sections. Coming down off The Priest was very rocky. Had a tough climb up Chimney Rock. Feet were hurting a lot. Had some nice views, arrived at Maupin Field Shelter and was soon joined by Cricket.
60 Jun 25 Fri Brown Mtn .Creek Shelter Porters Field Campground 16.9 812.8 Left the shelter about 8am. Had a 3,000' climb up Bald Mountain. Saw some volunteers working along the mountain. Very hot and uncomfortable. Got water at Hog Camp Gap. Took his time and saw a photographer taking pictures of the Brown Leaf Orchid. Went to a campsite a mile north of Seeley-Woodworth Shelter.
59 Jun 24 Thu Matts Creek Shelter Brown Mtn .Creek Shelter 22.2 795.9 Left Matts Creek shelter early, crossed the James River foot-use-only bridge, got water at Johns Hollow shelter. Got some ice water from a service worker. It rained, but didn't really cool things off. Slept in the shelter and just used a silk liner due to the heat.
58 Jun 23 Wed Bryant Ridge Shelter Matts Creek Shelter 22.6 773.7 Had lunch at the Thunder Hill Shelter. Was really hoping for some trail magic of soft drinks. Arrived at Matts Creek Shelter at 8:30pm. Having a hard time with heel blisters on both feet. Slept in the hammock to avoid mosquitos, slept well.
57 Jun 22 Tue Wilson Creek Shelter Bryant Ridge Shelter 20.8 751.1 Left Wilson Creek Shelter at 7am. Really wanted a cold drink so he went with Cricket and Skink for cold sweet tea. Couldn't get a ride back from the Peaks of the Otter Lodge so he started walking back, but got picked up on the way. It's been awfully hot and humid, taking advantage of swimming opportunities. Got a ride to/from a Subway by "Roadkill" who was section hiking. Had to finish the hike to the shelter with headlights. Really cool shelter with multiple levels. Some mosquito/gnat problems... those sleeping on the porch really got bit up.
56 Jun 21 Mon Daleville, VA Wilson Creek Shelter 11.2 730.3 "Hike Naked Day".. no. Left Daleville and hiked 11.2 miles. Got some bandages that morning and got more sock liners and Aqua Mira at an outfitter. Heels were hurting on the uphills, lots of open areas, very hot. At 3:20 arrived at Fullhardt Knob Shelter - talked with ??. Got to Wilson Creek Shelter 
55 Jun 20 Sun Campbell Shelter Daleville, VA 15.4 719.1 Tinker Cliffs was a great place, took lots of photos. Took a break at Lamberts Meadow Shelter. Met "Giant" and "3 Ball". Arrived at US 220 about 5pm, saw "Giant" and "3 Ball" at the gas station. Saw "Baltimore Jack" there. Ate at a Mexican Restaurant. Stayed at the Howard Johnsons on 220.
54 Jun 19 Sat Pickle Branch Shelter Campbell Shelter 17.0 703.7 Made it to McAfee Knob and got a photo taken. Went to bed around 9pm.
53 Jun 18 Fri Laurel Creek Shelter Pickle Branch Shelter 22.5 686.7 Took some pictures of the Keffer Oak. 
52 Jun 17 Thu Pine Swamp Branch Shelter Laurel Creek Shelter 18.5 664.2 Had to use a zip line to get across to the shelter. Arrived at the War Spur Shelter by 4:18pm. Went to the Laurel Creek shelter.  30% Done.
51 Jun 16 Wed Pearisburg, VA Pine Swamp Branch Shelter 19.3 645.7 Had a nice breakfast at the Holy Family Hostel before heading out. Got a hitch from Steve back to the trail, saved a couple miles walking back to the trail. Met "Hook" and "Jaywalker" at the Rice Shelter. Hiked the last half hour in the rain. There were 22 scouts and 3 leaders at the shelter. They moved back to their tents/hammocks to make room for the thru-hikers. Cricket, Pale Blue Dot, Skink & Restless Legs.
50 Jun 15 Tue Doc's Knob Shelter Pearisburg, VA 8.2 626.4 Started the day by hiking 2-1/2 miles back to Woodshole Hostel to get his journal and trail guide. Got back to Doc's Knob by 10:10, and headed north. Stopped for a break on top of Pearis Mtn. and dried things out. Angel Rock provided great views so he took lots of pictures. The trail going down to Pearisburg was slippery and he almost fell a couple times. Someone picked him up and took him to Food Line for supplies, Hardies for some supper, and then dropped him off at the Holy Family Hostel in Pearisburg, VA. Soon PBD and Cricket both arrived. Wizard, Bear and a few others were there for the night. He now has 3 blisters to care for. It's been very hot and humid - rains most afternoons.. 
49 Jun 14 Mon VA 606 Doc's Knob Shelter 16.1 618.2 On the trail by 8am, stopped a bit at Dismal Falls which had a bunch of empty beer cans and bottles. About 11am he saw his second bear in a quiet pine forest. Always on the watch for large black objects. The bear simply turned around and walked away. Saw a couple deer, box turtle, garter snake, etc. He took the 1/2 mile side trail to the Woodshole Hostel and found the place interesting, but he wanted to put in some more miles.  It was dark early at Doc's Knob Shelter due to the heavy tree cover, and when he went to write in his journal he discovered he had left both his journal and guide book back at Woods Hole. [Taking it easy for at least the first week is obviously going to be tough for him. After 3 weeks those legs are really restless!]
48 Jun 13 Sun VA 611 VA 606, Trent's Grocery 9.6 602.1 He was doing great at the Jenny Knob Shelter, so he decided to continue on and camp at Trent's Grocery with Cricket and Pale Blue Dot (PBD). Didn't have trees to hang his hammock at the campground, but he set up his tarp under an RV awning and slept good on the ground and had no rain.
.. May 28 Fri .. .. .. .. "I found out today that I DO NOT have a stress fracture, which is good news!  I will start physical therapy on Tuesday in Canton and continue three times/week for at least three weeks.  After three weeks, I have an appointment with my orthopedic doctor to assess my progress and hopefully determine when I can expect to go back on the trail. Hopefully the physical therapy will do the trick and resolve the issue. I'll be looking for new boots/shoes while I'm off the trail."
47 May 25 Tue Heading home to heal up. * Home * .. .. Shin splints require Rest, Icing, Compression, Elevation and Vitamin I. Stress fractures require a total break from high impact activity to heal. X-ray results suggested a stress fracture so "Restless Legs" is off the trail and heading home to heal up. Only time will tell when he has "Rested Legs" and can return to the trail...
46 May 24 Mon Big Walker Hotel VA 611 9.0 592.5 Had a big free breakfast with a dozen other hikers provided by a local church group. Got a short haircut. After getting back to the trail he was having REALLY bad pain in his shin after three miles. His goal was to get to VA 611 and try to get a ride to the hospital in Pearisburg, VA.
45 May 23 Sun Big Walker Hotel .. 0.0 583.5 His niece suggested he elevate his leg, keep ice on it, and rest to ease his shin splint so he took a zero day. "Buzz" arrived and got a double room, so he shared the room. "Buzz" started at Springer in March, but is leaving the trail to return home..
44 May 22 Sat Camped along the trail. Big Walker Hotel in Bland, VA 3.0 583.5 On the trail early - at US 52 he found more trail magic including oranges. Got a ride into Bland to the Post Office - got there at 7:52 - normally they open at 9am but they were willing to give him his package early so he has a new pair of Keen shoes. Asked someone where the hotel was and got a ride to the Big Walker Hotel. Shared a room with "More to Do" - a section hiker who was returning home.
43 May 21 Fri Chestnut Knob Shelter Camped along the trail, 18.7 580.5 Started on the trail before 7am. Left shin was really hurting. At a break he losened his shoe laces which helped. At 11:30 he arrived at the Jenkins Shelter (571.8) and soaked his feet. Climbed up Bushey Mtn. and found trail magic at VA 615 of Girl Scout cookies, etc. Had a great view across the valley.
42 May 20 Thu Crawfish Valley Chestnut Knob Shelter 16.7 561.8 Shin is hurting bad. Trail magic today of sandwiches, soft drinks, peanut butter and jelly. Arrived at the Knot Maul Branch Shelter at 11:07, dried tarp on sunny bald, tough - long climb up to Chestnut Knob Shelter - very nice stone building with all four sides and a door. Dried tarp in a sunny area. Some people from Texas were there. "Blue Sky".
41 May 19 Wed Partnership Shelter Crawfish Valley 17.9 545.1 Dealing with shin splints in his left leg, very sore. At US 11 he called Keen to have some new shoes shipped to him.Reached Crawfish Valley - the 25% point at 4:04pm. Soaked his feet in a stream which helped. Hammocked there. 
40 May 18 Tue Hurricane Mtn. Shelter Partnership Shelter 19.7 527.2 Had a little rain and saw his first bear on the trail about 10am - down the hill running away from him. He passed by the Trimpi Shelter (516.5) which has a fireplace and continued to the Partnership Shelter near the Mt. Rogers Visitor Center. Tagless & Tag-along had provided trail magic of subway sandwiches, Ben & Jerry's ice cream, oranges and Cokes. He made use of the shower and got some clothes rinsed out. The phone at the Visitor Center was used multiple times to order multiple pizzas, Kentucky fried chicken and beverages.
39 May 17 Mon Thomas Knob Shelter Hurricane Mtn. Shelter 16.0 507.5 Woke up to a light drizzle, the area in front of the shelter was flooded. Walked in the light rain. Arrived at Wise Shelter about 11am. Got some pictures of the ponies at Grayson Highlands. Passed the 500-Mile mark. More downpours after he reached the Hurricane Mtn. Shelter. Got very cold that night, used his underquilt on top of him to supplement his lightweight bag.
38 May 16 Sun Elk Garden, VA 600 Thomas Knob Shelter 4.2 491.5 Started with a hiker breakfast provided by AWOL and then I dropped him off at Elk Garden/VA 600 to resume hiking north with "Buzz". With the rain, lightning and thunder that afternoon he decided to just stay at the shelter. 
38 May 15 Sat Damascus, VA ~ 0.0 ~ Trail Days in Damascus, VA - Enjoyed hiking in the parade - Spent time Saturday night going through gear and deciding what to keep, what to swap, and what to send back home.
37 May 14 Fri Damascus, VA ~ 0.0 ~ Trail Days in Damascus, VA
36 May 13 Thu Damascus, VA ~ 0.0 ~ Trail Days in Damascus, VA
35 May 12 Wed Elk Garden, VA 600 Damascus, VA 23.8 487.3 Got a shuttle to Elk Garden/VA 600 and hiked 23.8 miles back to Damascus.
34 May 11 Tue Abingdon Gap Shelter Damascus, VA 10.2 463.5 Cruised into Damascus, VA for Trail Days! Staying at "The Place" hostel for a couple days. Might get a shuttle north 23 miles and hike back to Damascus to avoid sitting around.
33 May 10 Mon Iron Mountain Shelter Abingdon Gap Shelter 15.9 453.3 Arrived at Double Springs Shelter (445.0) by 11:12am, Double Spring Gap (450.4) by 1:18pm. Arrived at Abingdon Gap Shelter (453.3) at 2:52pm.
32 May 9 Sun Watauga Lake Shelter Iron Mountain Shelter 13.9 437.4 Had put in 10.9 miles by 12:52pm. and 13.9 by 3:41pm. Might be stopping at Iron Mtn Shelter. 20% Done.
31 May 8 Sat Kinkora Hiking Hostel Watauga Lake Shelter 10.7 423.5 Arrived at 4:28pm. Next shelter is 7.1 miles away.
30 May 7 Fri Mountaineer Shelter Kinkora Hiking Hostel 15.6 412.8 Kinkora Hiking Hostel at 412.8 for a 15.6 mile day. Had lunch with a former Philmont Ranger. Got a bunk, ate at Arby's, did laundry and made some phone calls.
29 May 6 Thu Overmountain Shelter Mountaineer Shelter 18.0 397.2 Was at the Apple House Shelter before noon, made it to the Mountaineer Shelter at 4:53pm for an 18 mile day.  Really enjoyed the balds, got some great pictures. Saw a turkey on the road and got some water from a church spigot.
28 May 5 Wed Clyde Smith Shelter Overmountain Shelter 13.1 379.2 Climbed over Roan Mtn. today. Arrived at the Overmountain Shelter by 3pm for a 13.1 mile day. Set up his hammock in the top level of the barn. Been having trouble with his back when sleeping in the shelters.
27 May 4 Tue Curley Maple Gap Shelter Clyde Smith Shelter 22.0 366.1 Cherry Gap Shelter at 2:18, then continued to the Clyde Smith Shelter arriving at 6:34pm. Now less than 100 miles from Damascus. He's sure got "restless legs" since the 22-mile day included a 2,000'+ clumb up Unaka Mountain (5,180) from the Curley Map Gap (3,070).
26 May 3 Mon No Business Knob Curley Maple Gap Shelter 10.5 344.1 Picked up supplies in Erwin. Arrived at Uncle Johnny's at 10:30am, hitched to Post Office to get bump box. Dave of Mt. Roger's Outfitters picked him up. Hard to get around Erwin, hitched a ride back to the trail from "Pee Wee". Left Uncle Johnny's at 3:15pm after getting some candy bars and fuel - and headed back into the woods. Saw some turtles and salamanders. Met "Skywalker" and a couple others.
25 May 2 Sun Bald Mtn. Shelter No Business Knob 10.6 333.6 Was hoping to get to a hostel in Erwin, but the rain caused him to shorten his day. Mostly downhill except for "High Rock" area. Got some trail magic at Spivey Gap - 8 or 9 eggs, homemade muffins, soft drinks. Quit early since he didn't want to spend the night in Erwin.
24 May 1 Sat Sugarloaf Gap Bald Mtn. Shelter 15.0 323.0 Ate lunch between Hogback Ridge Shelter & Bald Mountain Shelter. Met up with a former coworker "Ohio Bro" who is hiking the trail for the second time. Finally got to see a bald on a sunny day. Got a Coke, Pepsi and apple left by as trail angel. Also met Bonnie, known for her smoking.
23 Apr 30 Fri Little Laurel Shelter Sugarloaf Gap
16.6 308 0 Climbed up 1,100+ feet to start the day, next 9 miles across the ridgeline between 4,100-4,700'. No evening update so I'm not sure if he stopped at Sugarloaf Gap or continued on to the next shelter. Tried to catch up with V & Diesel who were ahead of him. 
22 Apr 29 Thu Hot Springs, NC Little Laurel Shelter
19.6 291.4 Ate lunch on Rich Mtn. Instead of taking a zero in Hot Springs, he kicked it into gear and put in an almost 20 mile day. Met V & Diesel - a couple section hiking. As he spoke on the phone that night, the wind whipped the tarp off his hammock.
21 Apr 28 Wed Walnut Mtn. Shelter Hot Springs, NC
13.1 271.8 He decided to make his resupply stop in Hot Springs which included a trip to do laundry, check e-mail at the library, and stay in a warm bed. He shared a room at Elmers Sunnybank Inn with another thru-hiker named Kevin. The sun was out today and he had a nice downhill trek into Hot Springs, but heard predicted temps were to be be in the low 30's again that night. Erwin, about 5 days away would be his next food resupply. Supper was cheeseburg and fries at the Smokey Mtn Diner. Bumped his box up to Erwin.
20 Apr 27 Tue Groundhog Creek Shelter Walnut Mtn. Shelter
13.1 258.7 Climbed 1800' up to Max Patch Summit and then split the distance to Hot Springs by continuing to the Walnut Mtn. Shelter. Rained all day so he stopped hiking at 2pm. That night while in the shelter there was  rain, sleet, snow, hail, more rain and freezing temps. Some late arrivals had a lot trouble setting up their tents in the weather. Lost a bandana.
19 Apr 26 Mon Standing Bear Hostel Groundhog Creek Shelter
7.2 245.6 Met up with some section hikers and slack packers who were finishing up so he scored some M&M, cereal bars and other goodies. It was raining all day and blowing hard so he made it a short day and hoped for better weather/views before heading up Max Patch.
18 Apr 25 Sun Tricorner Knob Shelter Standing Bear Hostel 18.1 238.4 Long uphill hike to Mt. Guyot. Basically walking in a stream as the water was flowing down the trail. Was busy with his camera trying to set the timer to take a photo of himself and walked right near a timber rattlesnake. Was able to call home. Also called and learned they had a vacancy at the Standing Bear Hostel.
17 Apr 24 Sat Icewater Spring Shelter Tricorner Knob Shelter 12.6 220.3 Ate lunch at Pecks Corner Shelter, went to the Tricorner Knob Shelter for a 12.6 mile day. Got a good photo at Charlie's Bunion. Walking along the knife edge you really need to be careful. Rained from 1pm until the rest of the day. Cold and wet afternoon with a full house at the shelter, then the rain really got hard and rained all evening. A break around midnight, then at 3am the wind was blowing hard and lightning flashing around. Signs of lots of bear activity in the area. 10% Done.
16 Apr 23 Fri Silers Bald Shelter Icewater Spring Shelter 15.5 207.7 Standing on Clingmans Dome at 11am. Road up was closed for repairs, so only hikers were on top. Still lots of snow on top. Continued to Icewater Spring Shelter instead of jumping off at US 441 (204.7) for a 15-mile trip to Gatlinburg, TN. 
15 Apr 22 Thu Mollies Ridge Shelter Silers Bald Shelter 17.2 192.2 Hiking the ridge line between NC & TN. Had the shelter by himself.
Saw two deer and signs of bears, but no bear spottings.
14 Apr 21 Wed Fontana Dam Shelter Mollies Ridge Shelter 11.3 175.0 Entering "The Smokies" and soon his third state - Tennessee. Over 2800' elevation gain from Fontanta Dam up to Doe Knob. Very cold weather, but he stayed warm in the shelter. Blister on left foot.
13 Apr 20 Tue Stecoah Gap, NC 143 Fontana Dam "Hilton" Shelter 15.1 163.7 Picking up a supply box and his new titanium caldera cone. Had sent way too much food. Repacked his extra food and mailed it forward. Sent home his broken caldera cone and rain pants.
12 Apr 19 Mon Nantahala Outdoor Center Stecoah Gap, NC 143 13.6 148.6 Stopped at Stecoah Gap, NC 143 to catch a ride back to NOC. Had been hiking with a slackpacker.
11 Apr 18 Sun Wayah Bald Tower Nantahala Outdoor Center 17.2 135.0 Took a tumble and hurt his knee, but he is having a great time. Planning to catch a ride to Hot Springs for Trail Fest on April 24. Has teamed up with a slack-packer and is using the van as a mobile "bounce box". Spent the night at a hotel in Bryson City.
10 Apr 17 Sat Bearpen Trail, USFS 67 Wayah Bald Tower 20.1 117.8 Started the day climbing Albert Mtn, passed 100-mile mark. Spent the night with "Circuit Rider" & "Sherlock"
9 Apr 16 Fri Deep Gap, USFS 71 Bearpen Trail, USFS 67 14.4 97.7 Begins the day climbing over 1100' up Standing Indian Mtn. Stoppe just before Albert Mtn.
8 Apr 15 Thu Blueberry Patch Hostel Deep Gap, USFS 71 15.8 83.3 Starting north again with a dozen other hikers after breakfast. Crossed the GA-NC line at 1:35pm. At Bly Gap he missed the twisted tree and picking up water which made climbing up 800'+ to Courthouse Bald and through Sassafras Gap even tougher. It was raining when he got to Muskrat Creek Shelter .. which was full .. so he pressed on and camped at Deep Gap. He did see and hear some Ruffed Grouse.
7 Apr 14 Wed Hiawassee, GA Blueberry Patch Hostel 0.0 67.5 Enjoying a "zero" at the Blueberry Patch Hostel. Got caught up with his journal. Has not spent any nights in the shelters, uses his hammock.
6 Apr 13 Tue Tray Mtn. Shelter Hiawassee, GA 11.0 67.5 The lure of a shower, motel and AYCE food draws him to Hiawassee Resupplied, contacted the "Tin Man" about a titanium Caldera Cone..
5 Apr 12 Mon Low Gap Shelter Tray Mtn. Shelter 15.0 56.5 “Trail Magic” experience with cookies and a beer! May need to hike backwards to offset the growing sunburn on one side.
4 Apr 11 Sun Walasi-Yi @ Neel's Gap Low Gap Shelter 10.8 41.5 Restless Legs reports that he is having a good time.
3 Apr 10 Sat Woody Gap Walasi-Yi @ Neel's Gap 10.6 30.7 Cold streams help with sore feet on day 3. Enjoyed taking a shower at the Walasi-Yi. .. and purchasing new rain pants.
2 Apr 9 Fri Hawk Mtn. Shelter Woody Gap 12.3 20.1 Carrying too much food. There are a ton of people, full shelters.. he broke away from the crowd as soon as he could.
1 Apr 8 Thu Springer Mtn. Hawk Mtn. Shelter 7.8 7.8 Stood on top of Springer Mtn. at 3pm. Old rain pants don't repel rain. First night was uncomfortably cold.

Apr 6 - Restless Legs is moving south toward Georgia. Meanwhile I was looking at an AOPA (Aircraft Owners and Pilots Association) posting from September 1994 entitled "Too heavy, too hot". The article lists five errors that contribute to plane crashes. In reading them they are remarkably similar to factors that contribute to hiker "crashes".
 1) Too heavy - this year the folks at Mountain Crossings at Neel's Gap will probably ship home over 10,000 pounds of gear that hikers realize they don't need after only 30 miles on the trail.
 2) Improper Configuration - Example: If you have the wrong raingear, you may be wetter from sweating than you would be from the rain alone.
 3) Too fast, too hard  - Big mile days at the start could result in blisters or more serious injuries that can knock hikers off the trail.
 4) Too far down the runway - If you haven't seen a white blaze for 15 minutes, stop and retrace your steps or you may become the subject of a search & rescue deployment.
 5) Attempting to go around.- Skipping sections of the trail can diminish motivation to keep going.

Some of the folks who have hiked with Restless Legs this year...

AT Troll -
Buzz - -
Giant - - ATC on Jul 7
Jim & Peg - -
Ohibro - -
Rollie - -
Skink - - ATC on Jul 7
Cricket - ATC on Jul 8
Pale Blue Dot - ATC on Jul 9
Ridley & Panther -
Gear List
Pack - ULA Catalyst
Hammock - Hennessy Deep Jungle Asym Zip
Banadana - Thru-Hiker Banadana (Hiker to Town/Hiker to Trail)
Water Bottles - Kleen Kanteens 40oz?
Sleeping Bag - Homemade Down Bag
Stuff Sacks - Homemade with Sil-Nylon
Raingear - The Packa
Stove - AntiGravity Gear Caldera Cone System
Trail Guide - The A.T. Guide 2010 Northbound
Camera - Olympus Tough 6020 .. probably not pink
Camera Accessory - Stick Pic
Status Reports - SPOT Messenger & Verizon Cell Phone
Trekking Poles - ..

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Some Hiker Lingo:

2000 Miler - Someone who has completed the entire A.T.
Blazing - Getting from one place to another
- Aqua Blazing - going by water instead of the official trail
- Black Blazing - hiking at night to catch up with someone or meet a deadline
- Blue Blazing - taking an alternate trail instead of the official trail
- Ghost Blazing - following an abandoned section of the trail
- Green Blazing - going off trail or smoking weed
- Pink Blazing - changing plans to hike with a romantic interest
- Rainbow Blazers - hikers who mix multiple methods
- White Blazing - following the official AT trail
- Yellow Blazing - hitchhiking to skip sections of the trail
Cameling Up - Drinking a large amount of water at a water source to reduce the amount of water to be carried or extend your range with the water being carried.
Challenges - most involve eating or drinking .. have yet to see any Man vs. Food episodes from near the trail.
- 4 State Challenge: Starting at the VA/WV border and hiking to the MD/PA border or vise-versa in one day (between midnight and midnight)
- Half Gallon challenge - eating a half gallon of ice cream in a set time at Pine Grove Furnace State Park in Pennsylvania
- Leek challenge - eating the most leeks on Memorial Day weekend near Mt. Rogers in Virginia
DIY - do it yourself / similar to MYOG
Flip Flopping - doing part of the trail in one direction, then doing the balance in the other direction
Gram counters / Gram weenies - ultralight hikers who carefully weigh items to minimize weight
Hiker Hall of Shame - several ways to get "inducted" including setting an OSB and then sleeping through it.
Hiker Hobble - the stiff movements in the morning until the joints get warmed up
Hostels - Can range from people's homes, buildings adjacent to people's homes, cabins, campground dormatories, fishing/hunting lodges, old mansions and hotels.
HYOH - hike your own hike ... and don't tell others how they should be hiking
Moon Walking - awkward walking after removing a heavy pack when your legs muscles are still "expecting" the additional weight of the pack
MYOG - make your own gear - can instill a sense of pride and occassionaly saves money, but requires time - tools - and patience.
Nero - A day with almost no mileage
OSBs - Obnoxious Shelter Beepers - when people set loud alarms for early morning hours
Pack sniffer - someone who likes to hang out with hikers/backpackers, but seldom hikes/backpacks themselves.
Pay a little, save a lot - Paying a little more for better gear saves you a lot of effort on the trail as better gear is usually lighter and takes less space in a pack.
Pot cozy - an insulating wrap for a cook pot to retain heat and reduce cooking time
Privy - off the trail, an eye sore and foul smelling latrine ... on the trail, a welcome sight that offers relief without digging a hole.
PUDS - pointless ups and downs
Purist - those determined to hike every foot of the official trail
Section Hiker - attempting to complete the entire trail in sections over multiple seasons. Some have been hiking different sections for over 40 years.
Slackpacking - hiking sections of the trail without carrying a full pack .. usually the pack stays behind at a hostel you are returning to .. or is transported ahead by a trail angel.
Shelter - normally a 3-sided wood or stone structure designed to house dozens of mice .. with some platforms for any hikers that care to join them for a night.
Trail Angel - someone who does an act of kindness either through a gift of nurishment or transportation to/from town.
Trail Magic - an unexpected gift from a Trail Angel
Trail Name - a moniker/nickname assumed by a hiker. Sometimes based on a habit, trait, appearance, attitude or unfortunate experience.
Thru-Hike - attempting to complete the entire trail in one season.
Vitamin I - Ibuprofen - a non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drug (NSAID) that helps reduce pain and inflammation.
Widow-makers - dead limbs that can drop unexpectedly
Yogi-ing - trying to get food or a ride from others without actually asking
Zero - a day with no mileage